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** Intended for an ADULT audience :: nudity/sexual activity | adult themes | violence | coarse/obscene language | substance abuse **

Genre: Thriller

Released: 2023

Running time:

Director: Goce Cvetanovski

Screenplay: Goce Cvetanovski

Producer: Driton Ramadani, Bogdan Joncevski, Goce Cvetanovski

Leading roles: Musa Isufi, Slagana Vujosevik, Ismail Kasumi

Screenings and Awards:  Winner, Best Feature Film, IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival


After losing her best friend as a victim of human trafficking, a journalist works

obsessively on her goal to dismantle the sex slavery network. But as her

accomplices draw closer to the boss, the situation spirals out of control.

Director Information:

Goce Cvetanovski

Writer/Director Goce Cvetanovski has an eclectic directorial experience, moving with

ease between live-action and animation projects. He studied cinema in Paris,

France, and was living there from 1998 to 2015. His short movies have been

screened at many festivals around the world and have received regional and national


Apart from his feature directorial debut with “The Business of Pleasure”, he’s

currently in production of the animation feature “John Vardar vs the Galaxy”. This is

the biggest regional animation project ever, a co-production between N. Macedonia,

Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary.

Goce is also the first director of Macedonia’s most popular animated series “Bibi’s

world” with over 75M views on Youtube.

He has worked on commercial projects for clients such as Ed Sheeran, Samsung

and Faith No More.


After losing her best friend as a victim of human trafficking, Eleni, an ambitious journalist,

works obsessively on her goal to dismantle the sex slavery network. Unfortunately, her

investigations always reach a dead end: none of the victims dares to talk.

In a desperate move to find the location where the victims are held, Eleni hides a mobile phone

with the GPS location turned on in the purse of Natasha, a prostitute she met at a police station.

Later that night, thinking she has found the location where the traffickers keep their victims,

Eleni finds Natasha’s dead body instead. Inspector Ramadani, the officer in charge of the

investigation, tells Eleni that she might be in danger. If the traffickers really have connections

high in the government, as she suspects, now they will know that Eleni is the one investigating


Feeling guilty because of Natasha’s death and blaming Inspector Ramadani for the police

procedures being too slow and ineffective, Eleni decides to seek help from Jon, the father of her

lost friend. The possibility of helping other victims gives Jon a new taste for life, and he accepts

to help. Together with his younger brother Akil, Jon is supposed to pretend that they are seeking

to buy girls and start a porn production. Eleni gives them a spy camera hidden in eyeglasses.

With this, the two brothers need to record incriminating materials.

The undercover investigation leads them to the son of an influential politician. But the situation

spirals out of control as their true identities are revealed.

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