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The children will come

  • Genre: Short - Drama

  • Release Year: 2017

  • Duration: 19 min

  • Directed by: Ana Jakimska

The children will come

A young teacher, Velika, is sent to a remote village in the mountains to teach the children who live there. However, days pass by and the children never appear. Instead, the only living soul she meets there is an old lady, the school janitor. When the old lady dies, the young teacher is faced with the challenge of keeping herself alive.

Awards and Screenings:

Winner, best short film, Mequinenza International Film Festival, Spain
Winner, Best Debut Film, Tirana International Film Festival, Albania
Winner, Jury Award for Best Short Fiction Film, FerFilm Festival, Kosovo
Winner, Festival Prize , Best Cinematography, (Naum Doksevski), Fastnet Short Film Festival
Nominee, best short film, Shanghai Film Festival
Official Selection, film festivals in South Africa, Morocco, Italy, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

Director Information:

Ana Jakimska


Ana Jakimska is a filmmaker based in Skopje, Macedonia. During her four years in film school she authored low-budget short films and music videos. Her professional debut is the short film titled The Children Will Come. Currently, she is developing her first feature film Midnight Train, set in three cities in Southeastern Europe: Belgrade, Skopje, and Thessaloniki.
Jakimska is a Master of Arts Candidate in Film Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, where she is conducting research on the use of colour in film. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature in 2011, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and TV Directing in 2016.
Jakimska is an alumni of MIDPOINT Script Development Program and First Films First Young Director's Academy.

  • Genre: Short - Drama

  • Release Year: 2017

  • Duration: 19 minutes

  • Directed by: Ana Jakimska

  • Screenplay by: Branko Kosteski

  • Produced by: Marija Dimitrova, Dejan Krajcevski

  • Leading Roles: Natasa Petrovikj, Shenka Kolozova

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