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The Great Water

  • Genre: Feature / Drama, War

  • Release Year: 2004

  • Duration: 93 minutes

  • Directed by: Ivo Trajkov

  • Screenplay by: Vladimir Blazhevski, Ivo Trajkov

  • Produced by: Mile Arsovski, Ivo Trajkov, Vladimir Chrenovsky, Robert Jazadziski, Suki Medencevic

  • Leading Roles: Mitko Apostolovski, Meto Jovanovski, Sasho Kekenovski, Verica Nedeska, Maja Stankovska

The Great Water

The film was made according to the motifs of Zhivko Chingo’s novel by the same title. There is a lot of fuss about the transport of politician Lem Nikodinovski to the operation hall of the military hospital. He is an outstanding personality in the state. The boards indicate that he is a candidate in the forthcoming elections. However, agent Lem is in a critical health condition, to be more precise he is face in face with death. His soul is floating and returning back to his days of childhood, when Lem was only 12. The Second World War has just ended. Near the big lake an orphanage was opened for orphans originating from alleged “national enemies.” The little Lem was caught as a wild animal in the rice fields and brought to the orphanage near the big water. The story that the old Lem narrates about his unhappy childhood is not an ordinary story about the sufferings of the Balkan Oliver Twist! It is a story about friendship, love, well doing, but also treason, courting! It is a story about Lem and his charismatic friend Isaac, as well as a story about the destinies of Ariton, his wife, Olivera, the bell-ringer, the professor!

Director Information:

Ivo Trajkov


Ivo Trajkov, (director, producer, screenwriter) was born in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the Czech National Film School, FAMU in Prague, where he received his MFA degree.
For his work he has received numerous awards including:
- The Czech Cameramen's Association award – 1998, Czech Republic;
- Festival "Finale Plzen” - FICC Special Jury Prize, 1999, Czech Republic;
- Taormina Film Fest - The Audience award, "Silver Charibdys", 1999, Italy;
- Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz - Special Jury Prize, Portugal;
- IFF Cinema Tout Ecran Geneva - Award of the Young Jury, Switzerland;
- The Flagstaff International Film Festival - Theatrical Feature
- Film Award in section „Low Budget“ (under 1 million), USA;
- Canadian International Annual Film & Video Festival, Campbell
- River - Special Commendation with judges rating TWO STARS, Canada.
Ivo Trajkov is currently living and working in Prague and also lecturing at FAMU, the school he graduated from. Upon graduation he decided to stay in Prague and start his career in the Czech Republic. His filmography as a director/ screenwriter includes 5 feature films:
“The Great Water”, The Movie”, “The Past”, “The Canary Connection” and “Jan”. He worked in a wide range of genres: comedy, docu-drama, experimental, and historic drama. As a producer Ivo was involved in more than 60 episodes of a critically acclaimed documentary series, “Unexplained Deaths”.

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