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The prodigal son

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  • Genre: Documentary / Short

  • Release Year: 2006

  • Duration: 27 minutes

  • Directed by: Tony Radevski

  • Screenplay by: Tom Zubrycki

  • Produced by: Tony Radevski

The prodigal son

The Prodigal Son explores how first-generation migrant parents have struggled to come to terms with their son’s sexual identity. When Ted came out as gay to his parents, his mother Ljubica thought it was a passing phase but his father Alexo did not speak to him. Fifteen years passed with no communication between father and son.
When Ted was 17 he moved out of home. It was during this time that he explored his independence and identity, and in the late 80s, made the decision to inform his parents of his sexuality. His father refused to speak to him, but his mother assumed it would be a short-lived phase.
Fifteen years passed, with Alexo refusing to see Ted or speak to him. Ljubica was caught in the middle, making secret visits and furtive phone calls to her son. During this time, Ted developed a significant relationship with his partner of ten years Anthony, and established himself within the gay community.
Through candid interviews, The Prodigal Son explores the complex social relationships that have generated as a result of the standoff between Ted and his parents.
It took Alexo having a heart attack to have him speak to Ted again. How will further illness affect their relationship? Ted hopes it will bring them all closer together and heal the rift of so many years.
The Prodigal Son won the IF Award for Most Popular Film, and the Highly Commended Award for Documentary at the Flickerfest International Film Festival 2006, as well as the IF 2006 Best Short Documentary.

Director Information:

Tony Radevski


Tony Radevski attended Macquarie University and completed a Media degree in Visual Production. He made his directorial debut with the short documentary "Broken", which has travelled to over 20 festivals nationally and internationally. He produced the NSW Film and Television Office's YFF-funded short drama "In the Middle" and has more recently directed "The Prodigal Son", for SBS Television. He is currently working on new drama, animation and documentary projects.

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