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The red horse

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  • Genre: Drama, History, War

  • Release Year: 1981

  • Duration: 127 minutes

  • Directed by: Stole Popov

  • Screenplay by: Tasko Georgievski, Stole Popov

  • Produced by: Ante Popovski

  • Leading Roles: Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic, Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Jordanco Cevrevski, Kole Angelovski, Radmila Zivkovic, Meto Jovanovski

The red horse

As a background to this story, both Greek and Yugoslavian Macedonians fought in WW II against the Nazis, but after the war, Macedonians were divided between the communist Yugoslav sector, and the Greek sector that was primarily non-communist. That situation led to a 10-year civil war in Greek Macedonia between its politically divided factions, and when it was over in 1956, the communists on the Greek side of Macedonia were deported to the USSR. This story is about Boris (Bata Zivojinovic), one of the communist partisan fighters who is put on a freighter with many of his compatriots, unloaded on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and then sent by train to Tashkent. The scenes of killing before the partisans were put on the freighter, and a disturbing vision Boris experiences, do not bode well for the future. After he arrives, Boris gets into a relationship with a Russian woman who makes him happy for awhile, but not enough to overcome his homesickness, or the effect of the tragedies and loss of hope that permeate his exiled community. In the end, this is too much for him to bear, and he returns home to his mountain village in Macedonia. There he finds that the villagers -- including a grown daughter -- have unwillingly submitted to their new lives, made much worse by a gang of petty thugs who lord it over everyone, especially those who had fought on the losing side of the civil war. Boris has never lost sight of his own ideals and his backbone is a little straighter than those around him, so when the gang members continue to ridicule and goad him, a showdown seems inevitable.

Director Information:

Stole Popov


Stole Popov was born 1950 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Graduated film directing at the Academy of Theater, Film and TV in Belgrade. His first film was the 1972 award-winning documentary "99". Then he made FIRE, another short documentary that also was awarded and was candidate for the OSCAR NOMINATION (as a Yugoslav representative) in 1974. In 1976 Stole Popov directed the full-length documentary AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA (Grand Prix - Golden Medal in Belgrade and also a Yugoslav candidate for the Oscar Nomination). His documentary DAE (1979) was nominated for the OSCAR and won: Grand Prix in Oberhausen, Grand Prix at the Balkan Film Festival, Silver Boomerang in Melbourne, Gold Medal in Belgrade and Diploma in London. RED HORSE (1980) was his first feature (he also co-scripted the film). The film won the FEST Diploma in Belgrade as well as the FILMEX Diploma at the San Francisco and Los Angeles Film Festivals. At the Yugoslav Film Festival in Pula 1986, Stole Popov won the Grand Prix - Golden Arena for his second feature HAPPY '49. The film was the Yugoslav candidate for the Oscar Nomination, it won the Grand Prix in Porto Alegre, Brazil and it was in the Competition at the San Sebastian Festival. In 1992 Popov co-scripted and directed his third feature TATOO. The film was nominated for the European FELIX, won the "Golden Mimosa" at the Yugoslav Festival in Herzeg Novi and was a Macedonian candidate for the Oscar Nomination.
GIPSY MAGIC had its World Premiere in the Main Competition of the Montreal Film Festival.

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