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The secret book

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  • Genre: Feature

  • Release Year: 2006

  • Duration: 93 minutes

  • Directed by: Vlado Cvetanovski

  • Screenplay by: Ljube Cvetanovski, Jordan Plevnesh

  • Produced by: Dimitar Nikolov

  • Leading Roles: Gjorgji Jolevski, Meto Jovanovski, Vlado Jovanovski, Labina Mitevska

The secret book

No event in the medieval history of the Balkans has attracted more interest and investigation than the Bogomil spiritual movement. And one of the most sought after artifacts is the mysterious Secret Book which is said to contain an authentic outline of the Bogomil doctrine. The original of the Secret Book has not been found yet. A record from the Carcasson memoirs indicates the possibility that the Secret Book of the Bogomils originates from the Balkan region. Because of the Secret Book, a number of scientists and investigators will meet in Macedonia to make an attempt to find and resolve the ancient mystery. Step by step, information unfolds to perhaps solve the ancient riddle.

Director Information:

Vlado Cvetanovski


Vlado Cvetanovski graduated from the Art Academy in Novi Sad. He worked at the Department for Inter-media Directing and was employed as a professor of acting at the Faculty of Drama Art.
He has directed about fifty plays in Macedonian theatres and in Former Yugoslavia. His plays participated in all more significant festivals, where they got the highest prizes (Sterijno Pozorje, MESS, Vojdan Cernodrinski, Ohridsko Leto/Ohrid Summer Festival/, etc.).
His plays have been performed in many cities (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sofia, Sarajevo, Paris, Petersburg, Cairo, Cannes, Kishinev). He participated in many symposiums and workshops in the country and throughout the world.
THE SECRET BOOK is his first length-feature film.

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