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The spirit of my father

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"...the mirror – that's you...than it drops in thousand pieces...but something stays from the clear matter...and a new mirror is renewed."

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2010

  • Duration: 39 minutes

  • Directed by: Goran Trenchovski

The spirit of my father

The Spirit of my Father (Duhot na Tatko Mi) is a documentary about the personal victimization of an actor during the Communist era. Risto Shishkov (1940-1986) was accused of enemy activity underlined by Macedonian nationalism in Yugoslavia. The story is narrated and told from the perspective of his son, Vasil. Shishkov was the only actor to be banned and arrested on anti-government charges in Communist Macedonia. Shishkov's spirit remains to this day in the struggles of subsequent generations of actors. Some films in which Shishkov's starred are: The Black Seed, The Red Horse and Macedonian Bloody Wedding.

Director Information:

Goran Trenchovski

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