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The Third Half

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  • Genre: Feature - Drama, History, Romance

  • Release Year: 2012

  • Duration: 113 minutes

The Third Half

The Third Half (Macedonian: Трето полувреме) is a Macedonian-Czech-Serbian film that deals with Macedonian football during World War II, and the deportation of Jews from Macedonia. It is a story of love during wartime and a country's passion for soccer. The government of Macedonia considered the movie of national interest and funded it with one million euros.

The film was inspired by the true story of the FC Macedonia football team. The Jewish coach Illes Spitz and Neta Koen (current name Marija Mladenovska) Mladenovska is a Macedonian Holocaust survivor. In 1998 the Shoah Foundation interviewed her.

Director Information:

Darko Mitrevski


Darko Mitrevski was born on October 3, 1971 in Skopje, Macedonia and he is living in Los Angeles, California. His list of feature films includes Goodbye, 20th Century!, Bal-Can-Can, and The Third Half.

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