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This is not an American movie

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"A gang of small-time criminals dream of glamor like in an American movies and plan their biggest heist - the secret room of CIA..."

  • Genre: Action, Comedy

  • Release Year: 2011

  • Duration: 86 minutes

  • Directed by: Saso Pavlovski

  • Screenplay by: Pavel Jech (adaptation), Saso Milenkovski

  • Produced by: Dejan Iliev, Dejan Dimeski, Shash Pavlovski

  • Leading Roles: Senko Velinov, Ky Evans, Tanya Mickov, Igor Angelov, Slavisa Kajevski, Igor Stojchevski, Tony Naumovski, Zlatko Mitreski

This is not an American movie

In the style of Goodfellas, a dying mob boss stages his last and biggest heist to look like a Hollywood production, with lots of guns and special effects, but This is Not an American Movie.

Diagnosed with a terminal disease, a dying mob “Boss” wants his last job to be the biggest crime of his life, to rob the U.S Embassy. But how would this be possible? His gang of thieves would rather act like tough mobsters from American movies than actually do the work. Their daily existence is rather unglamorous, mostly spent in cafes exaggerating their importance while talking about American films. And that became the inspiration for their plan.

They gain access into the Embassy by staging a big Hollywood production as a means to deceive the public and the government agents. Gangsters pretending to be actors acting like gangsters make for the best performance of their lives and maybe an Academy Award for the crime of the century, but - This is Not an American Movie!

Director Information:

Saso Pavlovski

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