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Tonight only

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  • Genre: Short, Narrative Fiction

  • Release Year: 2007

  • Duration: 24 minutes

  • Directed by: Jaret Sacrey

  • Screenplay by: Jaret Sacrey, Jason Sacrey, Gillian Brashear

  • Produced by: Jaret Sacrey and Jason Sacrey

  • Leading Roles: Gillian Brashear, Jewel Sacrey, Ron Reigler, Patricia Ageheim, Michael Dubin, Eric Larkin

Tonight only

A lonely woman, Sally-Sarah, finds herself in a mysterious bar following a car crash. Strangely, the patrons seem to know her and appear to react to the thoughts in her mind. She sees a poster for an event at the bar, and is horrified to find herself listed as singing a concert, for tonight only. A failed singer, she must conquer her inner demons, personified by the other patrons, who represent the Elements and the Five Stages of Death, in order to take the stage and claim it for her own, in the last performance of her life.

Director Information:

Jaret Sacrey


Jaret Sacrey grew up in both the theatre and the carnival worlds.

His mom ran her own theatre school in Toronto and was always throwing Jaret into a production, while his dad ran a food concessions business that had the family working summers on the road following the local fair and carnival circuit.

This is where Jaret got in his fair share of character study.

Graduating from the Toronto Arts School of Claude Watson, where he majored in both Theatre and Visual Arts, he left for New York's American Academy of Dramatic Art to study acting. From here, his acting career blossomed out to the New York stage and television before taking him to Los Angeles. Although he had success on the screen and the stage, winning a 2005 Ovation Award for his acting, he missed working in a visual medium.

He began designing sets for the theatre where his work was quickly in demand for its high visual content. Soon, he became a production designer and art director for commercials and feature films. His keen eye and ability to craft visually and narratively led him to being hand-picked to direct commercials, and in 2007-08, he won 4 Telly awards, 3 Communication Awards and an International Summit Award for his commercial directing.

Being a filmmaker has always been the hidden dream and Tonight Only is one step into this next metamorphosis. Although Jaret Sacrey was born in Canada, raised in Toronto, studied in New York City at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he has not forgotten he is half Macedonian.

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