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  • Genre: Short - Drama

  • Release Year: 2017

  • Duration: 12 min

  • Directed by: Stojan Vujicic


Alek is a ten-year-old autistic child. During a family day at the park, Alek disappears. He follows a very tall man that only he can see. Alek walks towards a lake as if hypnotised. We hear his parents calling his name while he is only a step away from the water.

Awards and Screenings:

Touch has been screened at a dozen festivals worldwide including the Switzerland International Film Festival, the Near Nazareth Festival, Israel, the Asia South-East Short Film Festival, the Euregion Film Fest, Netherlands, and the Out of the Can Film Festival, Derby, U.K.

SIFF - Switzerland International Film Festival, Switzerland, 2017
Lamezia Film Fest, Italy, 2017
Cinedays - Festival of European Film, Macedonia, 2017
Near Nazareth Festival, Israel, 2017
Short and Sweet Film Festival, Utah USA, 2017
Asia South-East Short Film Festival, India, 2017 - Honourable mention award
AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Canada, 2017
Out of the can Film Festival, UK, 2017
Nottingham International Microfilm Festival, UK, 2017
Tianchana Fest, Mexico, 2018
Euregion Film Fest, Netherlands, 2018
Findecoin - Independent International Short Film festival "The Day is short" Venezuela, 2018

Director Information:

Stojan Vujicic

  • Genre: Short - Drama

  • Release Year: 2017

  • Duration: 12 minutes

  • Directed by: Stojan Vujicic

  • Screenplay by: Stojan Vujicic

  • Produced by: Ognen Antov

  • Leading Roles: Dejan Lilic, Christian Power, Nesrin Tair

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