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We Are All Going To Die - Сите ќе умреме

The prolonged economic uncertainty forces the funeral service workers in Shtip to explore various shortcuts to get more work for their parlors. Sometimes, this includes dubious connections with the local hospital. Zoki, a funeral parlor worker, starts to feel broken by the dishonest and disloyal competition, wondering if money is really everything in life, after all?

Languages:  Macedonian ( English subtitles)

Duration:  25 minutes

Genres:  Documentary

Countries of Production:  Macedonia

We Are All Going To Die - Сите ќе умреме
Director Information:

Sashko Potter Micevski

Sashko Potter Micevski is a freelance filmmaker from Shtip, Macedonia, that specialises in post-production. After graduating Film and TV Editing at the Faculty of Dramatic arts in Skopje, Sashko enrolls to do the MA Sound Design for Film and TV course at the prestigious National Film and television School in the UK.

He also does documentaries, his graduation film "(Extra)terrestrial Lee" has gained some international success and a popularity in Macedonia especially among young people. It has now been included as a case study project in documentary filmmaking textbooks across high schools in the country, published by Makedox. “We are All going to Die” is his second auteur documentary. His work time is split between UK and Macedonia where he’s currently managing the Vardar Film sound post-production studio.


Directed by Sashko Potter Micevski

Produced by Ilija Tiricovski

Music by Hollie buhagiar

Edited by Sandra Gjorgieva

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