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Year of the monkey

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  • Genre: Feature - Comedy

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 110 min

  • Directed by: Vladimir Blazevski

Year of the monkey


The two main protagonists of this black comedy are Tsobe, a poor warden at the Zoo in Skopje and the chimpanzee Coco, inhabitant at the same Zoo. The simple story tangles up with Coco’s escape from “captivity to freedom”. Tsobe, because of the general economic crisis and poverty, gets fired from his job but he also receives a promise that he would be taken back to work if he manages to track down and bring back the fugitive. In the wretched and transition-devastated country, the escaped chimpanzee causes big media uproar. Coco becomes a symbol of resistance and liberal tendencies, someone who has managed to break away from the enchanted circle of general entropy. 
That is how Tsobe’s mission for capturing the fugitive becomes traitorous. The absurdly comical mischief of the hunt for the run-away monkey, we partly follow through Coco’s perspective. He is kind of a mirror and silent witness of the sad and at the same time funny world that has lost its compass. And an unintentional tragicomic reason for people’s confrontation with their own fears and frustrations. He even becomes the flag of the revolt, disobedience and everything that a common person cannot be in an unfortunate country.




1.IFF Moscow
2.Skopje Film Festival
3.IFF Shanghai
4.IFF Palic
5.IFF Pristina
6.IFF Cuidad de Mexico (Jury Special Award, in recognition of Excellence in Filmmaking)
7.IFF Herceg Novi
8.IFF Trebinje
9.IFF Vrnjacka Banja
10.IFF Nish, Festival Glumackih Ostvarenja
11.Novo Kulturno Naselje Novi Sad
12.The Black Sea Film Festival (Jury Special Mention)
13.IFF Timishort (special screening)
14.IFF Nancy
15.Festival Slovenskega Filma - Portoroz
16.IFF Leskovac (Grand Prix)
17.IFF Delhi
18.IFF Bangkok Thai
19.Macedonian Film Festival Sydney
20.Tirana Intl. Film Festival
21.IFF Cottbus
22.Festival Autorskog Filma Beograd
23.Festival Cinema Méditerranéen Bruxelles
24.IFF Podgorica
25.BaNeFF Balkan New Film Festival, Stockholm
26.Златна рамка - ревија на македонски филмови во МКЦ
27.Tiburon International Film Festival
28.IFF Sofia
29.NYC Independent Film Festival
30.IFF Gulf of Naples
31.Dumbo Film Festival, New York
32.Burgas Film Festival


IFF Cuidad de Mexico (Jury Special Award, in recognition of Excellence in Filmmaking)
The Black Sea Film Festival (Jury Special Mention)
IFF Leskovac (Grand Prix)

Director Information:
  • Genre: Feature - Comedy

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 110 minutes


  • Directed by: Vladimir Blazevski

  • Screenplay by: Vladimir Blazevski

  • Produced by: Darko Popov

  • Leading Roles: Igor Angelov, Marija Kohn, Reshit Bereda, Faik Mefailovski, Cun Lajchi, Refet Abazi, Tanja Kocovska, Aleksandar Kamnarovski, Peter Elliot

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