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  • MONOGRAPH - Milcho Manchevski

    A beautiful, big (650-page) book about Milcho Manchevski's work in which various aspects of Manchevski’s work as filmmaker, photographer, conceptual artist and writer are explored through in-depth analysis by nine renowned film theorists, philosophers and art historians. Edited by Marina Kostova, with essays by Conor McGrady, Ian Christie, Ann Kibbey, Katerina Kolozova, Erik Tangerstad, Aleksandar Sasho Lambevski and Sonia Abadzieva, and a biography by Iris Kronauer.
    A number of archival documents are published here for the first time: storyboard drawings, sketches, production notes letters, messages, photos, contracts, newspaper clippings. Manchevski’s own theoretical essays and fiction complete this collection of diverse insights into his work. Published by Bitsia and Ars Lamina in Skopje.

    About the artist:

    Many consider Milcho Manchevski to be one of the most original and innovative artists of our time for his unique blend of experimentation, poetry, emotion and a demand for the active participation of the viewer in the construction of meaning.
    His acclaimed Before the Rain (1994) is considered one of the greatest debut feature films in the history of cinema and one of the most important films of the decade. The New York Times included it on its “Best 1,000 Films Ever Made“ list. Manchevski’s work––which also includes award-winning films Dust (2001), Shadows (2007), Mothers (2010), as well as award-winning short forms Thursday (2013), Macedonia Timeless (2009), Tennessee (1991) and 1.73 (1984)––stands out in world cinema for its unique way of playing with space, time and emotion.

    Cost: $50 (plus shipping)

  • Before the Rain DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)

    Time Never Dies. The Circle Is Not Round

    Includes Extras:
    Commentary; Storyboard, Letters, etc; Photos; On set footage; Rain book

    Original Language: Macedonian, English, Albanian
    Subtitles: Macedonian, English, Albanian

    Cost: $20.00
    Shipping: $6.00 (Canada)

  • Dust DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)

    Where Does Your Voice Go When You’re No More?

    A New York thief (Edge); a tough-as-nails hundred-year-old woman (Angela); two brothers from the Wild West (Luke and Elijah); a revolutionary hell-bent on liberating Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire (The Teacher), and a beautiful pregnant woman (Neda), all cross paths in a tale that spans two continents and three centuries. Its fractured narrative resembles a Cubist painting.

    Original Language: English (with Macedonian, German, Turkish, Albanian, Greek)
    Subtitles: Macedonian, English, Albanian

    Cost: $20.00
    Shipping: $6.00 (Canada)

  • Shadows DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)

    Sometimes The Dead Speak Louder Than The Living

    If we were to choose one man who’s got everything going for him, then Lazar Perkov would be an excellent choice. He’s young, good-looking, has a beautiful wife, lovely little boy, great house and a good job as a hospital physician. In fact, everyone calls him “Lucky”. Nothing’s missing – except maybe Lucky himself. When Lucky is involved in a disastrous car crash and mysteriously saved from a sure death, his life begins to change...

    Original Language: Macedonian
    Subtitles: Macedonian, English, Albanian

    Cost: $20.00
    Shipping: $6.00 (Canada)

  • Mothers DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)

    Three Stories, All True, One Real

    Employing an innovative structure, the three stories in MOTHERS highlight the delicate relationships of truth and fiction, of drama and documentary. What is the nature of truth? The film eschews neat narrative devices and pushes the viewer to confront their own definitions of filmic reality.

    Includes Extras:
    The making of Mothers (a documentary by Guo Shang-Sing); Soundtrack by Igor Vasilev Novogradska; 3 x Trailers; 4X Macedonia Timeless Sports directed by Milcho Manchevski 
    Original Language: Macedonian
    Subtitles: English, Albanian

    Cost: $20.00
    Shipping: $6.00 (Canada)

  • Golden FIve DVD Macedonian title: Златна петорка

    2016 Feature Drama - 93 minutes - Directed by Goran Trenchovski


    Maki, Kata and Jiji are loyal friends who believe in their youthful ideals. However, when Maki and Kata announce their engagement, Jiji becomes jealous. In the period of communist liquidations, there is an unsolved murder of five students, one of them being Maki. A half century later, Alavantie, as a witness and a researcher, returns to his homeland with the "Golden Five" dossier. His secrets and knowledge bring additional tension in Kata's and Jiji's married life. - Written by Goran Trenchovski

    Macedonian Film Festival page link

    $20 + postage

  • "Piperka" t-shirt

    "Piperka" T-shirt 

    - Available in Men's (Large & Xlarge)
    - Women's sizes (Med, Large & XLarge)

    - Be the first to wear this distinctive symbol of Macedonia

    Cost: $20.00 (plus shipping)

  • T-Shirt

    100% cotton, black with coloured design. This T-shirt was specially designed by Colin Owen, son of a proud Macedonian.
    Available in a wide variety of men's and women's sizes.

    Volunteers with T-shirt

    Cost: $20.00 / Sale: $18.00
    Shipping: $11.00 (Canada)

  • Dance With Me DVD

    DVD "Dance With Me", by Sasha C. Damjanovski

    Two versions available: English only and English with Macedonian subtitles.

    Cost: $22.00 / Sale: $20.00
    Shipping: $6.00 (Canada)

  • Reveries of the Solitary Walker CD

    CD "Reveries of the Solitary Walker", by Nikola Kodjabashia

    Cost: $16.00 / Sale: $5.00
    Shipping: $6.00 (Canada)

  • Kino (Macedonian Film)

    Published by Cinemateque of Macedonia

    A 64 page booklet outlining the history of Macedonian filmmaking from 1905-1996, featuring in-depth descriptions of films made during this time period.

    Cost: $5.00

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