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14th Annual Macedonian Film Festival


Merchandise for Sale

MONOGRAPH - Milcho Manchevski


Cost: Willow Special $40 (plus shipping)

Shadows DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)


Cost: $20 + Shipping
Shipping: $6 (Canada)

"Piperka" t-shirt


Cost: $20 (plus shipping)

Reveries of the Solitary Walker CD


Cost: $16 / Sale: $5
Shipping: $6 (Canada)

Before the Rain DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)


Cost: $20
Shipping: $6 (Canada)

Mothers DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)


Cost: $20
Shipping: $6 (Canada)



Cost: $20 / Sale: $18
Shipping: $11 (Canada)

Kino (Macedonian Film)


Cost: $5

Dust DVD (by Milcho Manchevski)


Cost: $20
Shipping: $6 (Canada)

Golden FIve DVD Macedonian title: Златна петорка


$20 + postage

Dance With Me DVD


Cost: $22 / Sale: $20
Shipping: $6 (Canada)

Method of Payment:

You can pay online using PayPal or by cheque.
If using PayPal, send an email to and we will invoice you.
Personal cheques are to be sent to:

Macedonian Film Festival
62 Hounslow Avenue
Toronto, ON
M2N 2A8

Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.
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