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A beautiful, big (650-page) book about Milcho Manchevski's work in which various aspects of Manchevski’s work as filmmaker, photographer, conceptual artist and writer are explored through in-depth analysis by nine renowned film theorists, philosophers and art historians. Edited by Marina Kostova, with essays by Conor McGrady, Ian Christie, Ann Kibbey, Katerina Kolozova, Erik Tangerstad, Aleksandar Sasho Lambevski and Sonia Abadzieva, and a biography by Iris Kronauer.
A number of archival documents are published here for the first time: storyboard drawings, sketches, production notes letters, messages, photos, contracts, newspaper clippings. Manchevski’s own theoretical essays and fiction complete this collection of diverse insights into his work. Published by Bitsia and Ars Lamina in Skopje.

About the artist:

Many consider Milcho Manchevski to be one of the most original and innovative artists of our time for his unique blend of experimentation, poetry, emotion and a demand for the active participation of the viewer in the construction of meaning.
His acclaimed Before the Rain (1994) is considered one of the greatest debut feature films in the history of cinema and one of the most important films of the decade. The New York Times included it on its “Best 1,000 Films Ever Made“ list. Manchevski’s work––which also includes award-winning films Dust (2001), Shadows (2007), Mothers (2010), as well as award-winning short forms Thursday (2013), Macedonia Timeless (2009), Tennessee (1991) and 1.73 (1984)––stands out in world cinema for its unique way of playing with space, time and emotion.

MONOGRAPH - Milcho Manchevski

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