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Macedonian Film Festival


Important note: Please make sure that your film fits our criteria

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The Macedonian Film Festival (MFF) is now accepting entries for the Festival's 18th year. MFF accepts films made by Macedonian filmmakers and films on subject matters related to Macedonia made by Canadian and International filmmakers. All genres of film will be considered and films from emerging directors are welcome. Screening, final programming and categorization of films will be determined by the Festival programming committee.

Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2023



Submission criteria: 


Submission Criteria

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Submission Deadline is on August 31, 2023 ​


  • The film must have English subtitles, or an English version.

  • If film is submitted, it must be available in one of the following formats: - DCP (24 frames per second) Blu Ray; DVD (NTSC only) or downloadable link.

  • The Festival screens films that deal with subject matter related to Macedonians or Macedonia and/or directed, written, produced or starring Macedonians.

  • The Festival accepts films with a Macedonian theme regardless of the ethnic background of the filmmakers.

  • Guest Balkan countries and their films are encouraged at the discretion of the Festival’s submission committee.

  • The Festival is a non-profit cultural and charitable organization: it does not charge entry fees for submission.

  • Filmmakers may submit more than one film, but each film must have a separate entry form.

  • Additional supporting material may be sent by email to:


  • Once the film is selected and filmmakers notified, producers or distributors must agree not to screen the film anywhere else in Canada prior to the festival screening, unless we have been notified initially.

  • There are no submission fees for entry.

  • The Festival will pay screening fees by Canadian standards as per in Canadian funds (or equivalent by mutual arrangement) by best available method acceptable to both parties.

  • If a Director/Representative is a guest of the Festival, the Festival will not pay a screening fee for the film. As a guest, the Festival will pay for the flight and accommodations (if they are out of the country).

  • If the film is accepted for the Festival, its Directors/producers/actors are strongly encouraged to promote the screening of their film at the Festival on their social media platforms.

  • The film, if selected, must be made available in one of the following formats: DCP (24 frames per second); DVD; (NTSC only) Blu Ray, with English subtitles embedded.

  • A digital version is acceptable and can be sent or any other acceptable version, but a DVD or BluRay version must be mailed as backup to:

MFF Programming Committee



Genre of Film


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Please upload film stills and other supplementary files to the Dropbox link below
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