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18th Annual Macedonian
Film Festival

Carleton Theatre

OCTOBER 20-21, 2023!


MFF Digital Theatre

Light and Shadow

A special thank you to the people that make it all possible, our sponsors


Celebrating over 100 years of Macedonian Film-making
Happy 31st Anniversary of Macedonian Independence

Express your cultural pride!

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Celebrating over 100 Years of Macedonian Film-making

Empty Theater

Our Story

The Macedonian Film Festival made its debut in May 2006 and is the only one of its kind which is presented annually. Since then, Macedonian film festivals have been held in London, England (2008 and 2009), in New York City (2008) and in 2009, Australia held its first Macedonian film festival in Melbourne. We are proud that the Macedonian Film Festival's success inspires these film festivals to showcase Macedonian film.

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