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Macedonian Film Festival


You can pay online using PayPal or by cheque.

If using PayPal, send an email to

and we will invoice you.

Personal cheques are to be sent to:

Macedonian Film Festival
62 Hounslow Avenue
Toronto, ON
M2N 2A8

Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.


Show your pride as a Macedonian, and your support for the Macedonian Film Festival! 
As you know, fundraising has been a challenge for cultural groups like the Macedonian Film Festival in the last three years. So, we produced these beautiful coasters to help the festival and to remind you of MFF—the only festival in the world dedicated to screening films produced, directed, written, or starring Macedonians.
These coasters are durable and well-made. Each coaster is 4 X 4 inches square and the PAK has all four designs. One Pak is $30.00. If you buy three paks at the same time,
they are $80.00, plus postage and handling.   
You can order and pay online, plus postage and handling of $5.00 (Canada).  Email for more than 3 orders or
postage quote for other countries.

This series of Coasters are limited edition.


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